Saban's Power Rangers (Movie 2017) » Rangers

 Red Ranger
Name: Jason Scott (Played by: Dacre Montgomery)
Cenozoic era Red Ranger: Zordon (Played by: Bryan Cranston)
Zord: T-Rex Battle Zord
Arsenal: Red Power Coin; Power Sword
Info: A former high school football star quarterback in the small town of Angel Grove, California, Jason Scott ruins his chances of a future football career after pulling a failed prank on his crosstown rivals by bringing a bull into the Montgomery High locker room and evading the police. Attempting to escape the police, he receives a right knee injury when his truck flips. He is placed under house arrest and sentenced to Saturday school detention for the rest of the year. After protecting Billy Cranston from a bully of detention, Billy helps Jason by tricking the SIM card of his house arrest ankle bracelet monitor so that Jason can drive him to the gold mine where Billy used to go with his father. In return, Jason would get the van for a few hours. But also in the area are Kimberly, Zack, and Trini; where the five of them discover the Power Coins. They gain increased strength, and Jason’s knee heals overnight. Jason is a born leader, and he is given a chance to lead a new team of superheroes as he becomes the new Red Ranger. “It’s Morphin’ Time!”

 Blue Ranger
Name: William “Billy” Cranston (Played by: RJ Cyler)
Cenozoic era Blue Ranger: Unknown
Zord: Triceratops Battle Zord
Arsenal: Blue Power Coin
Info: Billy is autistic and is very intelligent. He and his father would go to the gold mine together and share any objects they find, but his father died over 7 years ago. Billy misses his father and has continued to dig for years, sometimes using explosives. He accidentally blew up his lunchbox in his locker at school which landed him in detention. He loves country music. He is the one to discover the Power Coins in the mining quarry and is the first to morph and is also the most excited to be a superhero. Billy is the heart of the team and he becomes the new Blue Ranger.

 Pink Ranger
Name: Kimberly Hart (Played by: Naomi Scott)
Cenozoic era Pink Ranger: Unknown
Zord: Pterodactyl Battle Zord
Arsenal: Pink Power Coin
Info: Kimberly used to be Queen Bee of Angel Grove High but is now a former ‘mean girl’ cheerleader at the school as she has been cast out and placed in Saturday detention for leaking a private photo of one of the other bully cheerleaders that the cheerleader had shown to her, privately. Kimberly regretfully sent the private photo to someone and is ashamed of her own actions and who she had become and is now struggling to find her own identity. Kimberly becomes the new Pink Ranger.

 Black Ranger
Name: Zack Taylor (Played by: Ludi Lin)
Cenozoic era Black Ranger: Unknown
Zord: Mastodon Battle Zord
Arsenal: Black Power Coin
Info: Zack is a wild one, filled with bravado and swagger. He lives in Melody Mobile Home Park with his sick mom and takes care of her. He deeply fears that some day soon he will find her dead. He does crazy stunts and posts them on YouTube and takes selfies to try to get money to help his mom. He would get on top of moving trains to go train surfing and post online. But he would also relax on an abandoned boxcar and wait to see the “crazy girl” (Trini) out there again at the Cascadia mine. Zack becomes the new Black Ranger.

 Yellow Ranger
Name: Trini Kwan (Played by: Becky G)
Cenozoic era Yellow Ranger: Abigail (Played by: Fiona Vroom)
Zord: Sabertooth Battle Zord
Arsenal: Yellow Power Coin
Info: Trini is the new girl, always, as her family often moves around, three schools in three years. So she attempts to avoid social interaction with others. She has trouble communicating with her parents as they like to have things a certain way and she believes they will just label her and she has trouble with relationships. Trini becomes the new Yellow Ranger.

Cenozoic era Green Ranger, Rita (*in Villains)