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 Rita Repulsa

Name: Rita Repulsa (Played by: Elizabeth Banks)
Cenozoic era Green Ranger: Rita Repulsa (Played by: Sharon Simms, and Voiced by: Elizabeth Banks?)
Homeworld: Unknown
Arsenal: Green Power Coin; staff
Powers(Att)/Abilities: super strength; body can remain in a state of dormancy for millions of years; can revitalize her body by consuming gold, can heal wounds on her body with gold; sharp claws; green telekinesis energy, able to move things with her mind; can create earth golems called Putties; can manipulate gold, she recreates her staff and her giant monster friend Goldar; sensing capabilities (knew where to find Trini as she invades her home; knew Trini was mistakenly called “Didi” (in The Official Movie Novel, it is spelled ‘Dede’); knew each of their individual Ranger color; knew that Blue (Billy) knew where to find the Zeo Crystal)

Info: Millions of years ago, Rita Repulsa was the Green Ranger on Zordon’s team and was his friend but she betrayed them and wanted more power as she wants to rule the Universe. Attempting to take the Zeo Crystal from Earth, she kills Zordon’s team of Rangers as they defended the Crystal in what is now Angel Grove. Every planet in the universe that has life has a piece of the Crystal buried inside it, and removal of the Crystal would cause all life on the planet to die. With the Crystal, Rita would have the power to create and destroy worlds. The Green Ranger almost kills Zordon too but he has Alpha 5 send a meteor to his coordinates and he buries five Power Coins. The meteor kills Zordon but also blasts Rita into the ocean, damaging her armor and completely shattering her helmet, and her body undergoes a state of dormancy.

Millions of years later, five teenagers with attitude discover the five Power Coins that were buried by Zordon. Rita, a withered body with the Green Power Coin and connected to the Morphin Grid, is fished out of the ocean. She begins brutally murdering humans for gold to rejuvenate her body and restore her powers, starting with some fishermen. She gathers a lot of gold teeth by ripping them from people’s mouths. Rita enters a Fenix jewelry store and recreates her staff and places the Green Power Coin in it and she becomes fully rejuvenated and her powers are restored. She creates a Putty and kills everyone inside the store, including a police officer. (pic1)

Rita reveals herself to Trini as she invades her home and Rita Morphs into her battle-damaged and corrupted Ranger armor. She realizes that Trini doesn’t know where the Zeo Crystal is but later learns from “Blue” Billy where to search for it. (pic2)

Rita creates an army of Putties and recreates Goldar – “Make my monster grow!”, a huge monster made of gold to rip the Crystal from the Earth and kill all life. The Rangers engage with their Zords. The Putties are defeated when Rita is blasted unconscious but Goldar revives her. The Rangers manage to form the Megazord so Rita enters and becomes one with Goldar. Goldar is defeated and Rita is backhand slapped by the Megazord, which causes her to lose her staff and Power Coin and sends her flying into the vacuum of space. Floating in space, Rita’s body freezes and the Moon is shown in the distance.

Notes: *Cenozoic era Rita appears to have red hair as seen in this screen shot.

*Rita and her Goldar have a symbiotic relationship and when she entered Goldar, it was a very sensual moment for Rita.

*From the Power Rangers Auction – ‘Scene Reference: Rita Repulsa was found by fishermen off the coast of Angel Grove in a shrivelled decrepit state, but she soon rejuvinated herself by sucking the lifeforce from her victims.’



Name: Goldar (Voiced by: Fred Tatasciore)
Arsenal: with Rita inside him, he forms a large sword to battle the Megazord; mace (not used)
Powers(Att)/Abilities: fireball from hand
Info: Rita recreated her Goldar to rip the Zeo Crystal from the Earth and kill all life but Goldar is defeated by the Megazord. (in The Official Movie Novel, Zordon’s meteor Millions of years ago had blasted Goldar apart. Millions of years later, she remakes her Goldar and when his arms are formed, he is holding brutal twin swords.)

Name: Putties (Voiced by: Fred Tatasciore)
Info: These are Rita’s golem-like foot soldiers she forms from earth and objects using her staff.