Saban's Power Rangers (Movie 2017) » Arsenal

 Earth’s Zeo Crystal
Name: Zeo Crystal
Info: Every planet in the universe that has life has a piece of the Crystal buried inside it, and removal of the Crystal would cause all life on the planet to die. Rita wants to rip Earth’s Zeo Crystal from the planet, which would give her the power to create and destroy worlds. The Zeo Crystal is found buried under a Krispy Kreme in Angel Grove. Note: Krispy Kreme was NOT put in the movie for product placement, it is simply just a part of the story. They needed to come up with a place for where the Zeo Crystal was going to be buried.

 Power Coins
Name: Power Coins
Owner(s): Red, Blue, Pink, Black, Yellow and Green Rangers
Info: These are the Rangers’ Power Coins. Connected to the Morphing Grid, the Power Coins allow the Rangers to Morph. The Power Coins can teleport to their user and can teleport the user.

 Power Morpher with Power Coins
Name: Power Morpher with Power Coins
Info: Bandai America released a Power Morpher not used in the movie.

 Power Sword
NamePower Sword
Info: This is the Red Ranger’s Power Sword.