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Name: Zordon (Played and Voiced by: Bryan Cranston)
Homeworld: Eltar
Info: Millions of years ago, Zordon was the Red Ranger and leader of his Ranger team. Rita Repulsa was the Green Ranger on his team and was his friend but she betrayed them and wanted more power as she wants to rule the Universe. She tried to take the Zeo Crystal from Earth and Zordon’s team died defending the Crystal in what is now Angel Grove. Every planet in the universe that has life has a piece of the Crystal buried inside it, and removal of the Crystal would cause all life on the planet to die. With the Crystal, Rita would have the power to create and destroy worlds. The Green Ranger almost kills Zordon too but he has Alpha 5 send a meteor to his coordinates and he buries five Power Coins. The meteor kills Zordon but also blasts Rita into the ocean and her body undergoes a state of dormancy. Alpha 5 sealed his essence, his soul?, into their ship’s matrix.

Millions of years later, Billy and four other human teenagers discover the Power Coins. Rita, a withered body, is fished out of the ocean. The five humans discover the alien ship, and with the Coins returned to the ship, Zordon comes online and discovers that he is inside the ship in a wall. He has “these teenagers”, these five chosen by the Power Coins, train to kill Rita and to Morph so that he can come back to life to help stop her. Unlocking their ability to Morph would open the Morphing Grid and allow him to harness that energy to regenerate his body and come back through, his once and only chance to come back to life. But when these teenagers finally open the Morphing Grid, he allows someone else to step through instead, as only one can come back to life.

Question: Is it that Zordon’s spirit has been captured and sealed inside the ship’s matrix, or is it simply just an uploaded copy of his brain and the ship just thinks that it’s Zordon? It’s possible that it could be both of these things in the sense that the Zordon in the wall could be linked to his spirit.

 Cenozoic era Yellow Ranger
Name: Abigail (Played by: Fiona Vroom)
Homeworld: Unknown
Info: Millions of years ago, Abigail was the Yellow Ranger of Zordon’s team but she was killed by Rita, the Green Ranger.Note: The name ‘Abigail’ was not spoken or credited in the movie so it’s possible that it could just be a placeholder name that was given for the character behind-the-scenes.

 Alpha 5
Name: Alpha 5 (Voiced by: Bill Hader)
Abilities: can extend arms…
Info: Alpha 5 is an alphormic lorcaid persona android and is Zordon’s assistant. He helps train and mentors the new team of Rangers.

 Sam Scott
Name: Sam Scott (Played by: David Denman)
Family: Jason’s father

 Beverly Scott
Name: Beverly Scott (Played by: Caroline Cave)
Family: Jason’s mother

 Pearl Scott
Name: Pearl Scott (Played by: Kayden Magnuson)
Family: Jason’s sister

 Candace Cranston
Name: Candace Cranston (Played by: Lisa Berry)
Family: Billy’s mother

 Ted Hart
Name: Ted Hart (Played by: Robert Moloney)
Family: Kimberly’s father

 Maddy Hart
Name: Maddy Hart (Played by: Anjali Jay)
Family: Kimberly’s mother

 Zack’s Mom
Name: Unknown (Played by: Fiona Fu)
Family: Zack’s mother

 Mr. Kwan
Name: Mr. Kwan (Played by: Patrick Sabongui)
Family: Trini’s father

 June Kwan
Name: June Kwan (Played by: Erica Cerra)
Family: Trini’s mother

 Trini’s brothers
Name: Unknown Twin #1 (Played by: Enrique Dante Miles Lopez)
Name: Unknown Twin #2 (Played by: Jackson Mitchell Croom and Keenan Cicero Reynolds)
Family: Trini’s twin brothers

 Cameo Appearances
Amy Jo Johnson as a civilian (original Kimberly Hart)
Jason David Frank as a civilian (original Tommy Oliver)